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Nathan Whitcomb

Chief Engineer

Why did you join the team?

Because I loved F1 and wanted to get involved in motorsports.

What is your favorite part about being on the team?

I love being able to design and build a new race car every year with everyone.

What made you want to be a lead for your system / What made you want to take your position on E-Board?

I wanted to be aero lead because I love aerodynamics. I wanted to be chief engineer because I wanted to do something new after doing composites for two years, but also because I see a lot of potential in our team. (2019 Chief Engineer, Composites, Aerodynamics) 

What is your favorite car?

McLaren 720s.

If you could drive our race car on any track in the world, which would it be?


Why do you think FSAE is important, and what would you say to people who are interested in joining?

Because it allows you to get directly involved and hands on with a big project. It forces you to learn the engineering process, gives you an opportunity to learn software and standards used in industry, and gives you a chance to work and communicate with a big team to improve your team working skills. It’s also a lot of fun, to be honest.


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