Austin Eubank


Why did you join the team?

Because I've always wanted to do Motorsports. I enjoy working with my hands and doing a legitimate engineering project was something I sought out since day 1.

What is your favorite part about being on the team?

Seeing the whole process come together, I really enjoy the entire engineering process so it’s cool to me to see parts that we design get manufactured, assembled and tested/ran, then used at comp. Seeing the work that we accomplish together as a team. Nothing else like that does it for me.

What made you want to be a lead for your system / What made you want to take your position on E-Board?

I want to be a lead to be held responsible for my education and learning ability. I have a huge passion for what it is we do and want to do anything it takes to see us succeed. Being a lead provides a personal opportunity to better communication, leadership, and design skills which are all relevant to me and my future, while also being able to help other people learn and grow. Their success is correlated to what I put into them. Additionally, since I have a background in professional manufacturing, I often have higher standards than those around me, and helping us ascend as a team to new heights is the end goal. (2019 Treasurer, Ergonomics, Chassis)

What is your favorite car?

Anything race car. Can't decide. If I had to choose one road car, the McLaren F1… or an FC RX-7… or any old Alfa-Romeo. Never mind, I can't choose.

If you could drive our race car on any track in the world, which would it be?

Our car unrestricted on Ahvenisto Race Circuit (Finland).

Why do you think FSAE is important, and what would you say to people who are interested in joining?

FSAE is important cause it brings new minds into both an extensive engineering process and into Motorsports. Motorsports is a dying industry and bringing youth into it can help keep it alive. New inspired minds bring in innovation which is phenomenal for exposure. Teaching others project management and engineering skills from design and manufacturing is helpful experience for after they graduate. Some industry leaders compare 1 season of FSAE to 3 years’ experience in the field. The critical thinking and problem-solving skills you learn here will forever impact and influence the rest of your engineering career. To those who want to join, come on into the shop!